What is Tactile Marketing Automation?

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When you ask yourself: What is tactile marketing automation? This marketing automation software allows you to personalize everything from employee welcome kits to customer onboarding. The vendor will handle fulfillment, inventory, and shipping, and activity data is tracked in your MA/CRM system. You can choose from a vast inventory of customizable items, like personalized letters, and have them delivered to your clients. It is very easy to use. PFL offers customized products for almost any occasion.


The airSlate app is an effective marketing automation tool that helps you manage your business in an agile way. You can automate your marketing processes in just a few days, enabling your team to get more done. It also helps you improve your company communications and efficiency. Here’s how it works. AirSlate makes marketing automation easier and more convenient than ever before. Here are some of the ways you can use it to improve your marketing automation.

The platform makes multi-step workflows automated, enabling you to send notifications and generate documents pre-filled with CRM data. It streamlines document routing and simplifies synchronization between teams. You can also access your Flow Library and set up bots that handle repetitive admin tasks. And finally, you can take advantage of the intuitive interface and seamless integration with multiple systems of record, such as Salesforce. AirSlate can help you boost your overall business construction, so you’ll be able to spend more time doing what you love.

As a no-code marketing automation solution, airSlate lets you expand document-centric processes with ease. With the built-in editing tools, you can add fillable fields, logos, and photos, plan role-based routes, and make the most of your AirSlate Bots. You can even automate any action that would normally be performed by a human. The airSlate platform is built for the digital age and is compatible with all major platforms.


PFL is the pioneer of e-commerce print services and is serving over 125,000 customers in more than 130 countries. The company also pioneered the second related category of Tactile Marketing Automation. The term TMA refers to the process of integrating existing expertise in manufacturing and printing with advanced technologies and integrations. In other words, TMA helps companies increase the ROI of their marketing spending. Here is how PFL helps companies achieve this.

Despite its price, PFL comes with an impressive list of features. It enables advanced MAP interactions and features such as measurability and tracking, flexibility, and branding. It also complies with advanced ISO and HIPAA compliance standards. The user interface and dashboard are both clean and well-organized. However, it’s not the easiest platform for sales teams to use. The company offers eBooks for users who would like to learn more.

In addition to the functionality to automate direct mail campaigns, PFL integrates with Salesforce to help marketers attribute results to their marketing efforts. With the Command Center, marketers can track campaign members’ progress through the lifecycle of direct mail pieces. For example, attribution to marketing efforts is streamlined, as a campaign member’s status will change as each direct mail piece moves through its full lifecycle. Additionally, administrators can now customize their address options and do away with the physical address in Preferred Address Capture and eGift emails.


If you’ve ever wanted to reach people in a more personal way, you’ve probably heard of tactile marketing automation. But what is this marketing automation software? What makes it so unique and so effective? This platform helps marketers deliver customized experiences that engage recipients emotionally. It tracks performance metrics and can integrate with existing marketing software. With this platform, companies can send physical items to as many recipients as they need to reach the right audience. And because each campaign can be personalized, brands can get the best value for their marketing dollars.

The Sendoso platform supports account-based marketing (ABM). To optimize their Sendoso investment, companies can partner with an ABM agency like Ignitium. This agency helps clients create account-based campaigns, source, and warehouse corporate swag, and manage printed collateral and gifts. Sendoso also integrates with Marketo, Salesforce, and Eloqua. This marketing automation software offers a range of features and is easy to use.

As a marketing automation platform, Sendoso helps companies increase sales and retain existing customers. The cloud-based platform centralizes all outreach touchpoints, including the creation and sending of eGifts for a variety of items. It also simplifies ROI reporting, suggests recipients, and makes seamless integrations with other software. Sendoso also makes it easy for sales teams to manage gifting campaigns.


In addition to automating direct mail campaigns, SwagIQ also offers an account-based marketing approach. Account-based marketing is a proven strategy that helps companies close more deals. The automation of relevant, personalized, and timely campaigns helps sales reps close more deals. Sales reps can now use SwagIQ to create eye-catching content and send it to prospects and customers. The intuitive storefront makes it easy to add new addresses, edit contact information, and customize content. In addition, administrators can set budgets for individual sales reps.

Recent innovations have given direct mail a new lease on life. With the automation of tactile marketing pieces, companies can deliver them to their strategic targets without depleting Salesforce resources. David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, spoke with Daniel Gaugler, Chief Marketing Officer at PFL, a provider of marketing automation and sales enablement solutions. The conversation was recorded at DemandGen’s annual user conference in San Francisco. SwagIQ is marketing automation and sales enablement solution that allows marketers to automate direct mail campaigns.

For marketers, the tool enables the 1:1 personalization of gifts and tangible sends, triggered from Salesforce CRM. Whether it’s travel cocktail kits, gourmet snacks, or Bluetooth speakers, SwagIQ allows businesses to personalize and package products based on a user’s preferences. Additionally, the solution can customize packaging and message, allowing marketers to personalize the experience of every gift they send. It can also integrate with digital marketing campaigns to measure ROI.

SwagIQ + Experience Enablement

PFL offers software solutions that help to grow and big brands create meaningful relationships with customers and increase the ROI of marketing spending. Their Tactile Marketing Automation solution integrates SwagIQ with their Marketing Automation platform to give sales teams a competitive advantage. This product uses data from CRM and other popular platforms to help businesses create targeted campaigns that engage customers. This technology also allows companies to customize sales kits and promotional products to deliver well-timed messages to target audiences.

With the help of Salesforce integration, SwagIQ allows marketers to automate 1:1 personalized tangible sends to their target audiences. The company’s marketing automation solution enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate and empower field reps to personalize, manage, and execute marketing campaigns. It serves some of the world’s most renowned brands and helps sophisticated marketing leaders achieve massive ROI and increased connection rates. The company has a global reach and is focused on empowering sales teams.

PFL is a pioneer in tactile marketing automation. It introduced Preferred Address Capture, which records the remote possibility’s address and engages them with the brand name experience. PFL’s automated direct mail advertising solutions are trusted by brands. They offer personalized mail to the right address, increasing the recipient’s experience and boosting their bottom line. PFL’s Tactile Marketing Automation solution features SwagIQ and Personal Marketing Center, enabling brands to deliver personalized direct mail to their target audiences.

Sendoso’s Tactile Marketing Automation

Recently, the company closed on a $100 million Series C round and plans to open an office in Dublin, Ireland. The office will house a marketing team, a customer success team, and an inside sales team focusing on European sales. With over 20,000 global customers, this round of funding brings Sendoso’s total funding to $152.7 million. The funding was provided by existing investors and is expected to help the company expand its global footprint.

The Sendoso platform offers three subscription plans based on company size. To determine the price of a particular plan, contact the company’s sales representative. It integrates with several third-party software. Integrations include Salesforce, Marketo, Cameo, Eloqua, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, Okta, and OneLogin. You can send messages to home workers and business professionals, enabling them to access a variety of marketing information without logging into multiple sites.

The Sendoso platform integrates with HubSpot to enable tracking of shipments and tracking of responses. It can send anything at scale, including handwritten notes, branded swag, and personalized gifts. Integrated with Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua, Sendoso is a powerful marketing automation platform for ABM. Sendoso can also manage printed collateral and dimensional mailers.