What is and How to Do Channel Marketing Automation?

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If you’re wondering what is channel marketing automation, read this article! This article will describe TCMA’s functions, features, and costs. Whether you’re planning on using TCMA for your online business or you’re not sure which platform is right for you, these tips will help you make the right choice. You’ll be glad you read this article! We’ve made channel marketing automation a simple question!


TCMA is the process of implementing an automated solution that enables your business to manage your sales and marketing efforts through indirect channels. Whether you are an SMB, mid-level company, or enterprise, you should consider using TCMA software. These solutions can help you expand your partner base, improve your collaboration, and drive more revenue via indirect pipelines. But many brands still don’t fully utilize this technology.

TCMA software helps you protect your brand, voice and messaging, so you can avoid any risk of brand infringement. It helps you keep your partners on message and in alignment with your product value. It also helps you maintain consistency in messaging across your channel partners and your primary brand. Through TCMA, you can ensure that your partners deliver a consistent message, regardless of their location. Regardless of whether your marketing efforts are aimed at a large audience or a niche market, you’ll know exactly which messages are working and which ones aren’t.

TCMA offers numerous benefits. It reduces the workload of head office marketing teams by providing a standardized platform for marketing actions across all channels. This also allows for localized marketing. Through channel marketing automation allows brands to reach out to a wider variety of customers and build a stronger presence in the local market. It is also great for businesses with multiple locations since you can equip your distribution teams with the marketing materials they need to succeed.

In addition to reducing frustration and increasing the number of leads, TCMA helps brands connect their corporate marketing efforts with the needs of their local partners. By leveraging the brand and corporate marketing assets, a company can reduce the workload of its direct sales and marketing partners. Aside from reducing the amount of time and money spent on managing marketing activities, TCMA can increase the return on investment by providing greater visibility into the success of your marketing strategy.


Through Channel Marketing Automation, a brand can centralize and execute all marketing programs and assets, including email marketing engines, ad builders, print production, and co-op advertising. In addition to streamlined processes, this technology also allows for partnerships. A key advantage is that it improves speed to market, reduces OpEx, and provides deeper insight into marketing spending. Read on to learn more about the benefits of channel marketing automation.

Incentives management capabilities – A channel marketing automation platform can help businesses roll out incentive management programs and special offers. This integration is particularly useful for companies whose channel partners do not have extensive digital marketing capabilities. Integrated tools can also help partners improve their lead generation. But how do you choose a platform? Here are some things to look for in a channel marketing automation tool. Once you know what your needs are, you can decide which platform is right for your brand.

Local partners – By working with local partners, a brand can effectively promote its products in local markets and ensure compliance with brand standards. A car manufacturer often collaborates with dealers to promote its products. Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platforms let car manufacturers and local partners disseminate marketing messages on a large scale. The local partners can further customize marketing materials to suit local needs. TCMA solutions can also help brands better align their corporate marketing efforts with the needs of local partners.

Personalized messaging – Automated marketing allows employees to respond to customer feedback without checking their emails or social media pages. This translates into a seamless shopping experience for the consumer. The user experience is improved and a company’s overall business performance improves. By automating marketing efforts, channel marketers can increase their chances of conversion. In addition to enhancing customer engagement, marketers can capture data and generate actionable insights. A well-designed marketing automation platform will enable marketing teams to measure the effectiveness of their strategies.


Aside from the basics of digital marketing, channel marketing automation can provide several other benefits, including incentive management. Incentives management is a vital aspect of a company’s marketing efforts, but most channel partners lack the necessary digital skills to execute these efforts effectively. Channel marketing automation can help improve partner lead generation by integrating incentives management capabilities with channel marketing automation. Here are some of the most popular features and functions of channel marketing automation.

A comprehensive automation system makes it possible for multiple marketing channels to communicate. Marketing channels can “converse” with one another and trigger a drip campaign. Employees no longer have to track customer responses to ensure they’re generating leads. Automated marketing creates a seamless path for a shopper to take. It also helps bridge the gap between corporate marketing efforts and local partner needs. When used properly, channel marketing automation can help brands better understand their target audiences and provide personalized campaigns.

Channel marketing automation allows organizations to launch relevant omnichannel campaigns. The range of functions offered by modern software solutions can be overwhelming. To make sense of all the options, we’ll look at a few of the most crucial functions of channel marketing automation software. So, what should you look for in a marketing automation solution? It should help streamline your business processes and allow you to focus on developing relevant campaigns. When it comes to creating and implementing an omnichannel strategy, marketing automation can help companies reach a new level of customer retention and engagement.


Channel marketing automation can be extremely expensive, but it can also save you time and money. A channel marketing automation platform makes your marketing programs global. Without automation, you must track your marketing programs on different platforms, and this can be a very tedious process. This article will explain why automation is better for your business. Read on to learn how channel marketing automation can save you time and money. Listed below are some of the costs of channel marketing automation.

Deployment. Most organizations have already deployed a channel marketing automation system. Some have moved on to second-generation systems, and still, others are looking for more advanced capabilities. First-generation systems typically focus on content syndication, email marketing, and asset co-branding. Second-generation channel marketing automation platforms include these capabilities but are more expensive. So, when you’re looking to upgrade, consider these costs and features before you make a decision.

Using TCMA makes local marketing easy and inexpensive. Local partners can customize materials to their area’s needs using TCMA platforms. TCMA also helps brands measure the performance of their marketing programs. Insights on marketing assets and campaign response are valuable for brand compliance. It can also reduce partner frustration. Ultimately, TCMA helps your brand succeed by providing valuable insights into how well you’re reaching your target market.

The benefits of channel marketing automation go beyond the cost. With the help of automation, you can focus on maximizing your company’s profits and improving customer service. Channel marketing automation helps your organization to create a more cohesive strategy, enabling your business to do more without adding more staff. Marketing automation helps you manage your leads better, reduces your operating costs, and saves your team time. Further, it allows you to send relevant messages to your target audience and increase your customer base.


The proper implementation of channel marketing automation can greatly increase your business’s efficiency and performance. Channel marketing automation provides reliable support systems and integrated tools to help your partners become exceptional marketers. These tools include templates, high-quality content, and vetted resources. The TCMA application is fully customizable and will align your partner’s marketing efforts with your brand. If you need additional assistance, e2open’s concierge services can help you select the right tools for your business needs.

Channel marketing automation can help you deliver tailored messages and offers to the right audiences at the right times. A marketing automation platform orchestrates send-time automation based on user interactions to encourage engagement and transactions. By combining the various channels, you can deliver targeted, personalized campaigns. These marketing tools also help you automate your sales process. To learn more, download our free guide to channel marketing automation. The benefits of implementing this technology will help your business reach new heights.

In the business world, 75% of global trade flows indirectly. Therefore, a TCMA platform helps brands bridge the gap between their corporate marketing efforts and the needs of their local partners. Implementation of channel marketing automation can greatly increase your ROI. So, what are the benefits of channel marketing automation? It’s easy to see why TCMA is so valuable for brands. In addition to enabling your channel partners to reach customers and create a strong brand image, TCMA can help you automate your sales processes.

Omnichannel marketing automation uses data and technology to help you create a single message across all channels. It allows you to orchestrate campaigns across channels, enabling you to target each user according to their behavior. Through omnichannel marketing automation, your content is relevant and timely, based on the customer’s journey. In addition, you can personalize and tailor your content across the various touchpoints for maximum impact. Your customers will thank you for being omnichannel.