What Is a Marketing Automation Manager?

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If you’re wondering, “What is a marketing automation manager?” you’re not alone. While some marketers spend years building their careers in this role, others only get started after years of working for another company. If you’re wondering what this position entails, here’s a quick overview of its responsibilities and education requirements. Read on to find out what you can expect. If you have the necessary experience and the right education, a career in marketing automation could be just what you’re looking for!

Job description

The Marketing Automation Manager oversees the use of CRM software and automated marketing campaigns to drive sales and generate leads. Their job description should highlight their knowledge of marketing automation products, their ability to work with sales managers, and the company’s mission and goals. It should also detail the perks offered by the company and the options for remote working. In addition, a successful Marketing Automation Manager is a team player who enjoys working with other team members.

The primary responsibility of a Marketing Automation Manager is to develop, implement, and track marketing automation tools to drive demand and brand loyalty. This position requires a strong sense of interpersonal skills and strong leadership skills. Additionally, the Marketing Automation Manager collaborates with other marketing professionals, including copywriters, designers, and web developers, to plan, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns. These professionals typically use analytics software to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

A marketing automation manager will oversee automated marketing campaigns to increase sales and encourage repeat business. Their duties include developing and monitoring email marketing campaigns, designing landing pages, and creating nurture programs. They may also oversee social media marketing campaigns and collaborate with CRM software. The job description of a Marketing Automation Manager reflects the growing importance of marketing automation for any business. In addition to developing and implementing marketing campaigns, marketing automation specialists also create and analyze campaign analytics.

A Marketing Automation Manager must be aware of best practices and be able to train and oversee others. They must also be an expert in all aspects of the Martech stack, including budgeting and training. In addition to their responsibility for planning and budgeting, the job description of a Marketing Automation Manager entails overseeing and evaluating the performance of the marketing team. There are many benefits to marketing automation, including boosting customer engagement and improving overall CX.


The duties of a marketing automation manager are varied and may involve managing a wide variety of campaigns from a variety of departments. Marketing automation specialists may be responsible for various tasks across the marketing department, such as directing the creation of various email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, and landing pages. The job also involves the measurement of the results of these campaigns, and as such, requires strong project management and collaboration skills.

Responsibilities of a marketing automation manager include designing and building automated marketing campaigns to nurture existing relationships and encourage repeat business. Responsibilities include generating creative marketing ideas, creating automated email campaigns, writing social media posts, analyzing campaign analytics, and creating A/B split tests. Marketing automation managers work closely with copywriters, designers, and developers to coordinate marketing efforts across departments.

While marketing automation is closely related to email marketing, it still requires experience in email marketing. Nearly half of all job ads ask for marketing automation specialists to have some email marketing experience, despite being primarily responsible for marketing ops. However, while the position is often data-driven, it’s also rare to be asked to improve on a specific KPI/metric. According to Jobvite, 63% of company descriptions didn’t mention a specific KPI or metric for a marketing automation specialist.

Besides overseeing automated marketing campaigns, a marketing automation manager also manages a team of marketing automation specialists. In addition to overseeing marketing automation software, this position also develops and implements marketing strategies using CRM software. Responsibilities of a marketing automation manager include researching marketing automation tools, working with sales managers, creating campaigns, and analyzing results to meet marketing objectives. Qualifications for a marketing automation manager include a bachelor’s degree, a proven track record on a marketing team, and strong web technologies.

Job descriptions of marketing automation specialists vary widely. Most companies don’t expect them to write content, but five out of 55 indicated that this role requires some writing skills. In addition to writing email copy, newsletters, and other marketing collateral, MA specialists are expected to create content assets and manage an editorial calendar. Despite this, the majority of job postings don’t mention this responsibility, but it is often required by the role.


The role of Marketing Automation Manager requires technical skills, management skills, and an aptitude for data analytics. While a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field is typically preferred, some employers may choose to hire applicants without an educational background in these fields. The duties of a Marketing Automation Manager may include planning and implementing advertising strategies, directing content production, and setting up email and customer relationship management software. Additionally, some employers may require the applicant to know a specific industry, such as financial services or consumer products.

The Education of a Marketing Automation Manager requires a combination of technical and leadership skills. The role will focus on guiding prospective customers through the B2B buyer’s journey. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative environment, partnering with Demand Generation campaign managers and driving customer acquisition and monetization through marketing automation. The ideal candidate will possess strong marketing automation tools and must be passionate about ensuring the success of the business. They will also have a strong grasp of customer-centric marketing.

The role of a Marketing Automation Manager is a high-level job that involves overseeing automated marketing campaigns and leading a team of marketing automation experts. In addition to developing and implementing marketing strategies, the role requires researching marketing automation products and collaborating with sales managers. Lastly, the job will require achieving business objectives by executing campaigns and analyzing data. Education for this position includes a Bachelor’s degree, experience working on a marketing team, and strong web technology skills.

The Manager, Marketing Automation reports to the Director of Marketing & Communications and directs administrative and operational aspects of marketing automation. They oversee the selection of a marketing automation solution and develop and implement comprehensive strategic campaigns that target prospective students. The role of Marketing Automation Manager requires extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Applicants should have a strong understanding of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. If the position is new to you, consider getting an education in marketing automation.


The median annual salary for a Marketing Automation Manager was – when compared to all permanent job ads for this position. The table below presents salary benchmarking and summary statistics for this position. It also contains the median salary by job title in advertised jobs. Job descriptions generally include a discernible job title. The second row shows the number of permanent jobs available in the overall sample. The salary for Marketing Automation Managers is quite high, at almost -100k, depending on skills and experience.

Marketing automation managers implement marketing strategies and tools to increase brand recognition and loyalty. In addition to implementing automated marketing strategies, they also oversee sales teams to ensure that customers and leads follow up and stay engaged throughout the sales cycle. They also monitor results and adjust campaigns accordingly. Marketing automation managers work closely with designers, copywriters, and web developers to create marketing campaigns and manage the company’s marketing efforts. In many cases, they also use analytics software to track campaign performance.

The salary of a marketing automation manager varies considerably by geography. Entry-level salaries begin at $68K but rise significantly by the time they reach mid-career and senior-level positions. While consultants generally earn higher salaries, marketers in Sydney will earn $118K on average. However, the salary range varies widely based on experience and geographic location. If you are looking to relocate to Australia, you may want to consider the median salary for this job in your area.

While the salary of an Automation Manager varies by location, this career may be lucrative in areas with a low cost of living. Automation Manager salary ranges from about $79,700 to $135,000 per year, depending on skill and experience. However, the salary range for this role is considerably higher than the national average. The median salary range is $13,676 per year, and top earners make $142,000 or more.