Does Drift Replace My Marketing Automation Tool?

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Drift bot is the next big thing in marketing automation, and I’m wondering, does drift replace my marketing automation tool? This article will answer this question, along with the questions posed by other tools like EngageBay, Bluecore, Freshchat, and Gist. It’s important to remember that Driftbot is primarily a qualifying tool. It can’t dig into a lead’s interest in your product or go further to convert them into a customer.


If you’re looking to automate your marketing campaigns, Gist can help. The free plan doesn’t include features such as drip campaigns or social media integration. Gist offers several visual workflows for different purposes, including lead magnet delivery based on user interests, eCommerce product promotions, customer onboarding, and much more. Gist can connect to thousands of other applications, including Zapier. If you need to integrate lead generation software, Gist has an API that allows you to send your subscriber’s details to other apps.

The free version of Gist is free and has an easy-to-use interface. You can import your contacts by importing them from a CSV file. Gist will automatically identify names, emails, IP addresses, and countries. You can even map custom fields from your previous autoresponder software. You can also create and manage automation rules for different channels, including your website. Gist also has a large list of integrations and supports both Google and Apple iOS devices.

Another great feature of Gist is its ability to track events. You can create and manage events with Gist, allowing you to segment your audience and automate actions based on their behavior. You can even narrow down your audience by using custom fields and send those people directly to your nurturing pipeline. You can also monitor and track campaign performance through your Gist account, which includes analytics. The Gist dashboard is a great place to keep track of your email marketing.

Users can also use Gist to broadcast personalized messages to their contacts. Users can also schedule campaigns with Gist, as well as send automated emails whenever certain actions are performed on your site. With Gist, you can monitor all activities of your contacts in real-time, such as signing up for your email newsletter. Moreover, you can monitor the email open rates by tracking the number of open and clicked messages. Gist is a complete marketing automation tool.


If you’re currently using another marketing automation tool, you may be wondering: Will EngageBay replace my existing marketing automation tool? EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that integrates with Drift. Drift is a tool that helps businesses build relationships with their customers and leads through a conversation cloud powered by artificial intelligence. It creates online experiences that put buyers first. It also helps businesses drive sales immediately. While Drift and EngageBay have their features, both products have similarities and differences.

EngageBay offers CRM and marketing automation for free. However, there are paid plans available as well. Pricing starts at $8.99 per month for the All-in-One and CRM & Sales Bay, which are both highly customizable. With these plans, you can easily add or remove modules or modify your workflows as needed. You’ll be able to track the success of your marketing efforts and see where you can improve.

Another key feature of EngageBay is the ability to personalize your messages. With its free live chat widget, you can create personalized messages tailored to your customer profiles. It offers several options for customization, including social sharing buttons, contact information, and sales deals. However, to truly maximize the benefits of EngageBay, you’ll need to analyze your marketing automation campaigns. A/B testing can help you do this. The Co-Founder of DYL, James Angel, suggests that non-tech marketers monitor their marketing automation campaigns regularly, so they don’t miss anything.

In addition to the CRM, EngageBay has a social suite that helps organizations expand their social media presence. With its social suite, you can manage your social media accounts in one place and schedule posts. It also gives you live metrics on every interaction with your audience. You can also create email campaigns that nudge donors to make a more informed decision. EngageBay is a viable option for nonprofits that need to increase their email marketing strategy.


If you’re tired of clunky, manual email campaigns, Bluecore is the tool to replace them. Its intelligent workflow replaces manual processes, including those created by marketing automation tools. You can see the latest sales, marketing, and customer insights in a single dashboard. Bluecore also includes a streamlined reporting tool. Whether you’re planning to send a one-time email or a series of emails, Bluecore will help you achieve your goals.

Another downside of using a marketing automation tool to manage email campaigns is that leads don’t always sync with other systems. For example, a marketing automation tool may not record the website attribution for a lead, but Drift will send a cookie to Salesforce each time it creates a new lead, allowing marketing teams to follow their leads from site to website. Drift is useful overall, but some features should be standard.

Drift is another popular choice for marketing automation tools. It allows marketers to automate emails that invite conversations. For example, Drift Assistant can send emails that invite attendees to a webinar or conference and ask them to RSVP. It also provides context for each meeting and sends notifications for follow-up. It even provides information about prospective customers in advance, so that reps can prepare more effectively. It’s also great for lead nurturing, with the added benefit of a built-in assistant.

Another popular solution is Marketo. Marketo integrates seamlessly with Drift to simplify the creation of marketing campaigns. This tool allows you to customize a website, design a landing page, and even create a form. By implementing Bluecore’s marketing automation solution, you’ll be on the road to better conversions and a more productive team. While Drift can replace a marketing automation tool, it’s not the only one worth looking at.


When it comes to determining if Freshchat is the right tool for your business, consider these features: intelligent replying, automated messages, and data-driven segmentation. Freshchat can automatically upload leads to your CRM, letting you manage those leads and prospects with greater precision and speed. Freshchat can even assign conversations to the right person based on the content of the conversations, the skills of team members, and conditions.

Integrated with email automation, Freshchat allows you to keep your customer’s history on a single timeline. It can also help you manage and convert customers who are likely to abandon your site. It also includes a Priority box for prioritizing chats. Freshchat is available for as little as $15 per agent per month, but you should also be prepared to pay a monthly fee. While Freshchat is cheap, the paid version provides a lot of advanced features, including a UI that’s very easy to use. You can also get multiple languages support.

Another important feature is its FAQ section. These are knowledge-based articles that can be used by website visitors and chat agents to respond to common queries. Using the FAQ section of Freshchat saves chat agents time by letting them send pre-written articles to customers without having to rewrite them from scratch. Using the FAQ section is simple, and you can create unlimited categories. In addition, you can attach your FAQ pages via live chat.

The reporting tools offered by Freshchat are impressive. You can see if your team is providing excellent customer service and whether each conversation is successful. In addition to providing detailed information on conversations, Freshchat also offers robust reporting capabilities that rival other similar-priced tools. Freshchat has a sleek dashboard that offers an overview of the most important metrics. There are also several more detailed metrics under the Reports tab. If you’re not satisfied with Freshchat’s reporting capabilities, you can choose another service.


Drift replaces your marketing automation tool without sacrificing performance. The powerful features of this tool allow you to build an infinitely flexible system. Besides email sequences, Drift also allows you to automate external events. You can use the segment feature to automate external events. Drift is an excellent choice for smaller teams. For example, a small team can get started with Drift for less than $500 for 10 seats.

Although Drift positions itself as a B2B conversational marketing tool, it can also be used for customer support and eCommerce businesses. Well-timed pop-up chats can help you prevent cart abandonment and give consumers the information they need to make an informed decision. Although conversational marketing is still a relatively new concept, it can become a game changer. Customers expect quick responses and are willing to pay for the experience of interacting with a live person.

Using a chatbot on your website is a great way to qualify prospects and make the sales process easier. Drift’s chatbot will ask questions to gauge whether a potential customer is interested in your product, or what type of replacement parts they are looking for. The chatbot can even offer a demo of your product to entice people to sign up. The chatbot will also send automated answers to the most common questions so you can focus on other aspects of customer service.

Drift is another good option for email marketing. Both platforms have many advantages and drawbacks. The free Gist tool is more convenient and powerful than Drift’s email tool, but Drift requires a $400/mo plan for the bots. It’s also free for the knowledge base tool, but the bot creator in Drift is a paid feature. The premium plans have a lot of extra features and are worth it if you want to get the most out of Drift’s email marketing tool.