How Can Mobile-First Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

mobile-first marketing automation

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably wondering exactly what mobile-first marketing automation is and how it can benefit your business. Here’s an overview: What is mobile-first marketing automation? A marketing automation tool can track and analyze your audience’s behavior using their mobile device. Its capabilities range from running A/B/C tests to calculating statistical significance. … Read more

What is Marketing Automation Platform Map?

what is marketing automation platform map

You’ve heard the term TCMA, but what is a marketing automation platform map? It’s software that automates marketing campaigns. It allows you to send more targeted, strategic emails to your list. And the good news is, that it won’t add to your email volume. MAP will make you send fewer but more effective emails. Here’s … Read more

What Is Distributed Marketing Automation?

what is distributed marketing automation

If you’re considering making the move to digital marketing, you’ve probably wondered what is distributed marketing automation. This article will outline some of the benefits of distributed marketing, as well as some of the challenges you’ll encounter. This new model will allow you to better reach customers and increase revenue. However, it doesn’t mean that … Read more